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The Path

by Taleteller

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Sleep tight, dear child Touch the silver moon Enter Dream Land We will meet there soon Our blind Eden Long lost Paradise Awaits for a Hero who will rise Above the skies Above the bright stars higher than dreams higher than pain Slumber to rise Conquer the skies Relive your dreams Redeem your dying Heart A hero will rise See our future in his eyes A hero will rise Save our Paradise Ride againts the hordes of Dark with your unforgiven fading heart Come, become the Child of Light Shine within the deepest night
A perfect note, a touching rhyme A thought for write a story neverending line The candlelight, a dreamy cheek a man who’s longing for inspiration to speak They were right, the tales are sheltering my own with their whispering tone Take me there, where every little tale born Take me to the world which is my lost home To the roots where tones kill the silence Give me the chance Take me there, where every little tale born Show the miracles across their kingdom Every fable every missing poem Show the way, I always want to find them all A purple ink, an antique pen still waiting for the story, relive it again A strange vision, stuck in my head This feeling’s so enchanted, the best I’ve ever had The story that you ’ll reveal it will awake your greatest fears In the Forest turn right and run, See the coward that you become
Scarlet eyes’re glowing in the dark Fallen creatures ready for the new blood Awaiting for the perfect moment when the prey have lost their attent Dire wolves, double-faced carnivores Praise the fear with world-shattering roars All of them are hunting for you No more time to waste, just do Run from the wolves go and run to the hills ask the rocks to be walls Help us keep away their hordes Run from the wolves go and hide in the caves My Lord save our souls Take away from this grave Here they come with their savage smile, They killed the truth and gave birth to the lies Wicked souls, who worship the decay greeting you as the fresh new prey „Wanderer, never trust anyone In our World sincerity is gone Only greed, only greed will help through What you think, what we want from you?” „Purity and beauty will always find its own path Remember, the truth lies behind those eyes”
Aurora 05:12
Lay down, my spiritless Heart Mocked by burden, torn apart All the beauty lost within the innocence Endless pain swallows my tears Silent screams in misery guide us through our life into the nothingness Aurora was the beauty of the morn I’m still waiting the night that will take her back home The greatest question is asking why ’re we born for pain why we have to die? Our tale is short and It’s so in vain Our path flooded by the sorrow’s rain The forest shaking in loudly cry While Aurora is passing by Tonight She left & became the morn The light she brought is her greatest crown I still remember that night When the storm finished it’s rite She was walking alone against the darkness Aurora lives in me All the kindness and purity a distant voice that praises her memory
Ignis Fatuus 05:30
Risen from the deepest mystery A creature that feeds from your agony Hatred infected him so long ago Avoid the ground where its ignis glows „Lazarus redeem me I cannot bear the pain Matt horseman will take me into his gray realm Prophecies I had seen the rainbows and the meads illusions, fantasies created by my greed” Fear the Lord of Moss He’s trying to capture you and eat your hope Ignis Fatuus Lures the innocents above his hole To breathe them alive that's his only goal abase their soul and take their dignity Their tears will fill up the whole infinity Blind Pharisee your soul is whitewashed grave You faked the Light and now you rule the moorland
Wanderer 04:17
I have no father, nor mother, nor home The only thing keeps me walk is my hope to find the place where I really belong Oh God, tell me, where I should go My heart lost so long ago Adventures will await us far beyond the Worlds Ride through the nightfall, keep going forward Find the missing grail that will save a thousand souls Protecting the light is what you live for, Wanderer Sometimes I fear there’s no ship anymore The Island won, and I stand on the shore The waves will slowly wash my tale away Oh God, how I will find my way, my heart is lost, I’m long gone astray
Nightmare 06:04
Good night my Love, I’m here to steal your life Kiss me no need to fight My ice cold touch caressing your numb spine Enjoy this dream of mine Close your eyes, I’m still here Ruthless lies, naked fear Deadly wounds, mighty foe Who never let you go See the light within the darkest places find your heart between these realities All the voices are fighting for my life in my greatest nightmare A weak lung is panting for some air shivering in despair Your undertone that’s calling for the Name false hope to ease your pain „False note, a wicked rhyme Dead chorus, rightfully mine My name is Mare Welcome to my lair a tainted realm homeland of stolen dreams Look all those lies fragments of your life the childish tales drowning in hypocrisy You cannot hide from your other side feeded by me Who’s stealing every beauty”
Eternal Fall 04:15
Golden leaves under me whispering a tale silently peace of the never-ending Fall Enter this splendid place get enchanted by it’s own grace here, where two orphans found their home Away from everything gently covered by angel wings No one could harm you over here Come, this is our Eternal Fall All this Eden awaited us long We’re flying, among the leaves Hold my hand and never release our magical, unfading home Caress our Eternal Fall Sounds of this harmony Embraced them with sweet melody Rime twinkled under their bare feet Their love was strong and fine without fears and without time The World stopped moving in their mind
When the night covers the world with its black velvet veil Wait for the silver seal’s rise it’ll be showing your way Enter the town that’s holding an incredible feast Just like daytime everybody is on the streets Enjoy the Feast of the Life in the moonlight Fill up your cup with the finest ale Join the dance with the crowd under moonlight it’s our time don’t hesitate Follow the path and the joy of this moonlight Everyone sing the songs through the night Forget your burdens, release your past until the final dance lasts Colorful ribbons and flags are dancing with the wind Smell of the roasted boar’s asking for another pint Violins and bagpipes’re chasing the silence away Relish this evening and forget about your decay
The Storm 03:15
Once in the eerie forest There was a man who sought for the long lost Eden of his dying heart Mist painted woods were so pale Just like his own tale Sigh left his tormented soul while he walked alone Climbed through the virgin mountains with all his burdens Watched the last sundown with a smile on his dying face The tears of the past will slowly pass away They ’ll leaving your heart broken cheek Just wave to the past, it will never be the same and dive into the Emerald Creek Blue lustrum, danced around him Kissed his bare chin Touched his shivering chest to show him where to go Showed him a mystical place the Emerald Cave There, where a creek painted the walls with its green glaze He went and touched the water to find the truth there Green luster greeted him and told him everything Told him the long forgotten tale that he once knew He saw his past and future that will never come Hear wanderer, your last tale is over it will be finished there come with me, sing the song that all sallow had to sung „Come with me to the Emerald Creek and taste the calm, innocent purity, Come with me to the Emerald Creek and fall into its eternity„
I. The Dying Forest „Will the Evil erase our Dream Land? Without you my hope is a dead end Do you see the hordes of the Dark One? They are marching through the pure Land stomping through the beauty and ancient Come on brother, we must stop them Dream my Eden now embrace endless dark Dream my Hero now time to offer your white sacrifice” II. The Top of the Dead These are my final lines as soon as the hero dies with me I need to sacrifice my life to save a Paradise calling me A dead cannot save this fantasy no time for another tale The ink is empty, the paper’s gone But my battalion’s still marching with me I’m here to fullfill my destiny and to reach my final goals to stop the darkness and end the war Save the Forest & try to save them all Hero, we await for you in our Dying Forest Fight againts the Night with your fading noble heart The field of blood-red sea howling in pain and agony My path led through the Storm it told me I was never born I must be born My sword’s from the purest ebony just like those scrolls contained My helmet’s an ancient legacy An old memory that will vanish with me There is no fear in me anymore I know my purpose, my goal I’ll stop the darkness and end the war Save the Forest & try to save them all! „Look the field my friend you gallant warrior the war is lost this is the End Your efforts were brave but wholly worthless so give up, just flee, get out of my way! See, your great Hero will never come for you All hail the Darkness!” Hero, the end is near Dream Land's fading in fear Hero, you have to rise Save our dim Paradise! III. Rise Once a hero will rise all the prophecies were right He became the Child of Light and he’s fighting for our Paradise Riding through the greatest dark with his dying noble heart A hero will rise Fear his sword, his sight A hero will rise Chase away the the night Say farwell, my Love you born to live, not to die I must give my life for a New World that calls You When the hero dies When the hero dies IV. The Path Sleep tight dear child Touch the silver moon Enter Dream Land We will meet there soon Our blind Eden Long lost Paradise Waited for a Hero who will rise You were the one Who could save us My only true Love!


released December 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Taleteller Hungary

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